Let's Talk...

Because there's a lot to talk about and we've got a lot of work to do. Here's what I see, here's how I think we fix it. Whether you're a Republican, a Democrat or a Purple People Eater, I'm after solutions that help all of New Jersey and all of America.

Here Are My Promises

As I read these myself, I want to laugh. But then I realize how low we've let the bar get. Let's stop playing limbo with the bar, let's start high jumping over it.

Read Every Bill

I will read every bill I vote on. If a vote is called on a bill I have not yet read end to end, earmarks and all, I will vote 'present'. If either party wants to rush a vote? Deal with it! It's time to stop jamming omnibus bills through congress filled with new ways to waste your money.

I Will Write My Bills

Believe it or not, your average member of congress doesn't write bills. The lobbyists do. Sorry lobbyists, I'm not for sale and neither is New Jersey.

No Dark Money

I believe sunlight is the best disinfectant. If I wanted money, I could just go work on my next company. I'm here to fix problems. I can't do that while trading favors for money. I'm not for sale. New Jersey isn't for sale.

I Will Not Become A Swamp Creature

As mentioned, I don't want to do this. If elected, when 2030 rolls around, if I don't win the primary with at least 60% of the vote, I'll gladly promote myself back to private citizen.

Here Are My Solutions and Ideals

I know some of these are longer. This is what I believe will help you, New Jersey and the United States. Hey, you know what, if you're actually reading this, email me!


My goal is to unshackle the government chains the hold you back from your individual creativity, determination and goals. Yes, your hard work should lead to a better life. This is the single biggest problem facing America. I understand why there are 3 generations of people who don't want to have kids. They genuinely do not believe that if they work hard they will end up better off than their parents. We need to incentivize the goods things:  opening businesses, having families and individual responsibility.


We've stopped teaching math. We've stopped teaching critical thinking. We've stopped teaching exceptionalism.

Let's build an education system that educates. Science, critical thinking, reading, mathematics. School should actually prepare people for a productive and successful future, be it in the trades, in their own business, or in fields that don't even exist.

Zero-Based Budgeting

No more continuing resolutions. No more omnibus bills. It's time for USA to create a real budget and live within it, just like you or I have to.

Congress has passed 4 proper budgets in the last 50 years. If you tried to pay your taxes 4 times in the last 50 years, you'd be in jail. Accountability goes 2 ways now.


New Jersey is one of the most taxed states and what do we have to show for it? Nothing. It's time to keep our dollars here and enable you to prosper.

I sold my business in 2023. I know about taxes. In one fiscal year, I paid ~$100,000 in taxes for a business that did not profit.  It's no wonder why only 3 people out of my graduating class of 500 people opted to start their own business. You are the best person to decide how your money gets spent, not the government.


It's not about Democrat or Republican. I'm a conservative. The government isn't here to live your life for you, raise your kids for you or make you rich. In fact, it's proven it will do the exact opposite of all of those. I want to eliminate the hurdles and regulations that prevent you from improving your life and at the same time make it more difficult for government to encroach on your life.

Over the past decades, the federal government has continually lowered the bar for itself to do what it wants, lowering congressional voting thresholds down to simple majorities, from much higher thresholds. All so it can take and spend more of your money. Raising congressional voting thresholds back to 60%, 66% and even 75% forces us to come up with real solutions that benefit everyone, not just the donor class. The extremist groups have no power to jam through a judge or a bill when it takes 60 votes instead of 51. Let's incentivize unity.


We need judges and prosecutors who are going to lock up criminals and keep them there. Catch and release justice doesn't work and it's not justice to the victims.

Everyday we read about more crime in New Jersey.  We now have Broad Daylight Armed Home Invasions in the places I can't even afford to live and the police and media are protecting the identities of these criminals.

This is unacceptable and we need to demand accountability.

End The Deep State

The states need to run the federal government and the citizenry needs to run the states. The machine will no longer run itself. Governments should fear their people.

Rebuild The Military...again

The military has one purpose, defend the nation. There need not be any DEI requirements, race requirements or equity quotas.  We want the smartest, the fastest, and the strongest. It's time to be the best again.

Let's End All The Wars

The war on drugs has been a colossal failure. The DEA, ATF and the rest of the alphabet soup have abused their position and chevron deference for far too long. The federal government doesn't not have the authority to regulate  drugs. Really, show me which amendment in the constitution grants the federal government that explicit power. And the proof they're abusing their lack of accountability? Almost every Schedule I drug listed by the DEA has medical use. And not just in theory. Many of them are currently being used in medicine. This is an issue for each state to decide.

Personally, I don't partake but as I've mentioned elsewhere, if we believe sunlight is the best disinfectant, let's shine a light on the black markets, manage and tax it appropriately. And 'may-issue' licensing schemes are unacceptable. This only furthers nepotism and corruption.

Incentivize Behavior We Want

Think about this for a minute, at your job, do you get a bonus for wanton spending and a foul attitude? No. You get a bonus for over achieving and boosting others around you. So why do we release criminals, tax families into poverty and make borrowing money to start a business impossible? To put it bluntly, we are rewarding bad behavior, punishing good things, making good outcomes more difficult. Why? Let's lower taxes on the family. Let's incentivize starting a business and let's stop releasing violent criminals. Let's make things right here in New Jersey.

No New Wars

We support our allies, but the endless wars must come to an end. We must return to our original, non-interventionalist ideals. And the intelligence community needs to be held accountable for the wars it started with false flag operations and blatant lies. This includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq(again...), Vietnam. Even the Spanish American war. It's been over a century of wars started under false and fabricated pretenses. Accountability must reign supreme.


I've been a care provider, I've been a care receiver. Our healthcare system is broken. Imagine a giant pile of money. Specifically, your money. Now imagine a hospital, a drug company and an insurance company surrounding it dividing it up. You know what the problem here is? You're not involved. The system was designed this way through decades of legislation all written by the afore mentioned trio.

If healthcare in the US was a free market, do you know what that would look like? You'd get an email in your inbox, inviting you to tour your local hospital. You'd be met with wine and snacks in the lobby as you're given a tour of the facilities and meet and greets with the physicians and nurses. It'd look and feel like a 5 star hotel. You'd have packages to choose from with affordable monthly payments. Because if they weren't affordable, you'd be wooed away by the hospital the next town over. There'd be special insurance for when you're outside the range of the hospital, but that already exists! And it's cheap! That's the proof. There already exists a cheaper insurance option because it falls outside the scope of legislation from D.C.

Build The Wall

We should absolutely use our military force to close our border. We should take care of homeless veterans before we try to take care of economic migrants. We clean our room first, then we look outwards.

The laughable part is, if the United States were to implement Canada's immigration policy, 194 other countries, including Canada would immediately petition the UN accusing the USA of war crimes. But go ahead, have a baby while you're on vacation in Canada. You'll get 2 pieces of paper afterwards. A bill and a plane ticket home. Not a birth certificate and a Canadian Passport. Irony...


Yes, I am pro life. Do you know why this is so far down though? It's now a state issue, not a federal issue. Additionally, if we fix all of the above, the only people who will actually be wanting abortions is senators mistresses.

Conservative vs. Republican

I've mentioned a few times how I'm a conservative, not a republican. So what's the difference? I believe in small government, market solutions and individual responsibility. A mother and a father are the best parents for children, not the government. There is a benefit to shared resources but the government doesn't need to try to do a fraction of what it does. It typically fails at it anyway. So I'll be taking the stick of power and whittling it down into a toothpick. The government doesn't need to police morality, it can incentivize what society wants.


I'm not religious. It's never spoken to me. I am confirmed catholic, so I am allowed to make catholic jokes still. I don't believe you need religion to be moral. And I think your policy sucks if you can't provide a secular justification.  I don't believe religion is a bad thing. But I'll defer to Matthew 6:5 on this matter.


I believe the United States Constitution is the greatest governance document ever created and it's the governments job to enable your constitutional rights, not restrict them. The government should be finding ways to amplify your speech, not suppress it. The government should be giving you tax credits for purchasing firearms, ammunition and training. Any government body, employee, or elected official infringing on your constitutional rights should be held personally liable.

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