Have You Met Brian?

Probably not. Because I've preferred living the quiet, private life. I've never had any interest in being a public figure or holding public office. I still don't. Really, I don't want to do this.

I was born in Englewood, raised in Vernon and graduated college right here in New Jersey. I grew up with hardworking parents; my mother is a nurse and my father was a contractor. I've worked for people and I've run my own companies. I worked in healthcare as a licensed and Registered Respiratory Therapist dealing with severe trauma and high level neonatal care. If you're not familiar with a respiratory therapist, that's okay. You know the breathing machines and the tubes that get put in people to breathe? Yea, I put those in and managed the machines.

I then moved onto sales after realizing the hospitals were about money and not care. I worked in software sales and even started my own business right here in New Jersey.

I sold my company in 2023 after realizing New Jersey is taxing it's people and businesses into oblivion. And that's why 2 moving trucks leave NJ for every 1 that comes in. In the last 30+ years of exclusive Democrat rule, New Jersey has gotten worse.  ‍

Again, I do not want to do this. I don't want a first term, let alone a second term. I do not want to be a career politician or a swamp creature. I genuinely fear Washington D.C. can takeover a person similar to the mirror scene in the original Matrix. Did I mention I'm a movie buff?

I personally think Washington D.C. is a cesspool and the corruption that exists there might be far beyond correction. However, 2024 is, possibly, the last chance to course correct. After seeing the charges against Gold Bar Bob Menendez and what Murphy has done to New Jersey, it's clear change is required. He's now even trying to place his wife into the US Senate. Are you tired of the nepotism and corruption?

I'm a conservative. You can check out my beliefs, policies and goals on my policies page. I'm running as a Republican because their  platform more closely aligns with some of my personal beliefs. However, I'm here for New Jersey. Bloated governments whose only goal is to extract the maximum tax dollars from it's citizens serve no one. It's not about Red or Blue, it's about YOU!

Why do I not primarily identify as a Republican? I think a lot of the republican platform is based on religion. Yes, I grew up in a catholic home and was confirmed but I never really felt it. Even my priest during the confirmation process told me the questions I was raising regarding religion were valid questions that didn't have answers beyond 'faith'. I don't think policy should be based on 'having faith'. It needs to be based on evidence, logic and facts. I also think a lot of the messaging from the Republican party is dated and out of touch with the average American. The average American isn't concerned with major or minor unrest half a globe away. They're worried about putting food on the table today. They aren't concerned with their carbon footprint, they're concerned with their mortgage payment. And I know this because it wasn't even 5 years ago I was thinking this same way. So I think you all know what I mean when I say, 'Let's go Brian!'

So here's the deal, I'm running for our Senate seat. I'm going to root out corruption, repair our education system, and remove the shackles that are holding you back.

This requires both you and I, though. I'll call out and excise the corruption that I can and I'll point out the corruption I need you to vote out. This change requires both of us. I'm all in and I get 6 years. Will you help me?

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