I'm Brian Jackson

And It's Time To Do Better For New Jersey

Read Every Bill

I will vote 'present' on any bill I haven't read beginning to end. If either party wants to rush a vote? Too bad! It's time to stop jamming omnibus bills through congress.

I Will Write My Bills

Believe it or not, your average member of congress doesn't write bills. The lobbyists do. Sorry lobbyists, I'm not for sale and neither is New Jersey.

Zero-Based Budgeting

No more continuing resolutions. No more omnibus bills. It's time for USA to create a real budget and live within it, just like you or I have to.


My goal is to unshackle the chains that are government from your individual creativity, determination and goals. Yes, your hard work should lead to a better life.


New Jersey is one of the most taxed states and what do we have to show for it? Nothing. It's time to keep our dollars here and enable you to prosper.


We need judges and prosecutors who are going to lock up criminals and keep them there. Catch and release justice doesn't work and it's not justice to the victims.

End The Deep State

The states need to run the federal government, and the citizenry needs to run the states. The machine will no longer run itself.

Rebuild The Military...again

The military has one purpose, defend the nation. There needs to be no DEI requirements, no race requirements. We want the smartest and the strongest.


The Department of Education has failed at least 2 generations. It's time to start teaching critical thinking and real skills.

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